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  1. Why isn’t Guantanamo closed?
  2. Why hasn’t the Patriot Act been overturned?
  3. Why haven’t we done away with the wireless wire-tapping that was so previously abhorrent?
  4. Why does Obama have in his 2019 budget 195 billion dollars for the Iraq war if we are pulling out our troops?
  5. Why were there over 30,000 earmarks passed each year that Democrats controlled congress (2009-2010)?
  6. If the Bush tax cuts were so bad, why are they still in place?
  7. Cap & Trade update the bill, where EPA officials already have admitted that the legislation would have virtually no effect on worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.
  8. Global Warming – Ask the following questions:
    1. Content of the atmosphere
    2. Percent of available land occupied by humans.
    3. The percentage of hydro carbons that are emitted into the atmosphere as the result of ALL HUMAN ACTIVITY
    4. What are the main determinants of the earth’s climate.
    5. What has happened to the global mean temperature over the last ten years?
  9. Why does National Healthcare represent rationing, most especially senior citizens, Euthanasia anyone?

10. We have been informed that the total deficit for the next 10 years according to Obama’s budget has been raised to 12 trillion dollars, meaning an average of 1.2 trillion dollars per year.

11. The above deficit means that the US will require 4.6 billion dollars per day from foreigners to absorb that debt.

12. Even with the deadline for Iran to cease nuclear weapons development having passed on 1/1/10 they continue.

13. National Healthcare and transparency. What happened to CSpan? Why can’t you or I get one of the many waivers being passed out?

14. What happened to democrat’s complaints about high oil and gasoline prices?

15. What happened to the complaints about the unemployment rate only getting to 4.6% under George W. Bush’s presidency?

16. What happened to the guarantee that the unemployment rate would not exceed 8% as the result of the stimulus?


How much different the reaction would be if George W Bush was President.

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